LeBron James Gave The Most Perfect Answer When Asked About Northern Iowa’s Soul-Crushing Defeat

LeBron James has been in the news a lot lately about some cryptic shit he may or may not be thinking or trying to say, but when asked about what he’d do if he was part of the heartbreaking, unbelievable, jaw-dropping, ridiculous, historic loss that Northern Iowa blew against Texas A&M in the NCAA Tournament, James made it really clear—he’d quit basketball.

Of course, Bron was just joking—I think?—but it speaks volumes to how devastating a team blowing a 12-point lead is in the final 44 seconds, making James and other ballers wonder how in the fuck something like that could actually happen?

For those who still can’t believe it happened, here’s how 12 points gets erased in that short of time. Hint: A LOT of bad basketball.

With Northern Iowa’s win probability near 100 percent at that point of the game, per FiveThirtyEight.com, it’s no wonder James said he’d hang ’em up and walk away from the game, that’s just embarrassing.

Unless you’re ruthless, savage or a straight up asshole, you’ve just got to feel for those UNI kids.

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