NBA Fans Mock Skip Bayless For Claiming Bam Adebayo’s Clutch Block Vs Celtics Was Better Than LeBron James’ Game 7 Finals Block Against The Warriors

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The clutch game-winning block by Bam Adebayo on Jayson Tatum is getting some high praise but Skip Bayless might be getting a little ahead of himself.

During game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals, Adebayo delivered a sensational block when he denied Tatum’s dunk attempt that sealed the win for the Heat.

Immediately after the game was over, Magic Johnson tweeted that Bam’s block was the greatest defensive play he had ever witnessed in the playoffs.

Bayless backed up Magic’s claim and said Bam’s block was much better than LeBron James’ “overrated” game 7 block in the finals against the Warriors.

NBA fans blasted Skip over his hot take about LeBron’s block.

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