Former Teammate Appears To Confirm Rumors About LeBron’s Meme-Worthy Pregame Ritual

LeBron James gets ready before a Lakers playoff game.

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LeBron James has a habit of reading books before big games in the postseason. He also has a habit of lying about random things for no reason at all.

The combination of the two has led to memes about him pretending to read said books for the cameras. On Monday, this topic resurfaced with one of his former Lakers teammates offering his hilarious insight to viewers.

James says that reading is a way of calming his nervesΒ ahead of big-time contests, which has obviously had some effect given his four league titles.

He’s made it a habit, though, of always being caught on the first page of those books when the cameras enter the locker room. That’s resulted in him being the butt of jokes online.

On Monday, former teammate Alex Caruso was asked about James’s reading habits and he gave fans a hilarious response.

He said the following in an appearance on theΒ Pat McAfee Show this week.

“Does LeBron read those books?” the show’s host asked. Caruso responded by saying, “What books?” which all but confirmed everyone’s thoughts on the topic.

Fans were quick to reply in the comments section.

One person said, “LeBron reads the first page and nothing more, just like most of us.”

Another person wrote, “Case closed.”

We might catch LeBron doing some light reading this week as he gears up for a second-round playoff series against the Warriors. We’ll see if he’s past the intro next time around.