LeBron James Is Reportedly ‘Pissed’ The Cavs Picked Up Isaiah Thomas Instead Of Paul George And Eric Bledsoe

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently a mess and have lost 10 of their last 13 games. For the past week the team has been pointing fingers at each other and it seems like their star LeBron James is currently unhappy with the team’s offseason moves.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst LeBron is “pissed off” that the Cavs failed to pick up Paul George and Eric Bledsoe but instead got an injured Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder.

Via Zach Lowe Podcast

Windhorst: “What’s really pissing LeBron off is that he felt like the Cavs could’ve gotten Paul George and Eric Bledsoe…and they didn’t get them.”

“I’m just telling you LeBron is there and he’s like…we couldn’t had Eric Bledsoe and Paul George. Instead, we have a draft pick who I’m never gonna meet…and Isaiah Thomas, who’s very clearly hampered and Jae Crowder, who’s having the worst year of his career.”

Unfortunately for LeBron the Cavs had a deal in place to get George to the Cavs but Pacers general manager Kevin Pritchard called the trade off at the last minute.

George was eventually traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the offseason, while Bledsoe was sent to the Milwaukee Bucks from the Phoenix Suns early on in the NBA season.