LeBron’s Super Bowl Commercial With His Teenage Self Got Turned Into A Fantastic New Meme

lebron james crypto super bowl commercial meme


  • LeBron James appeared in a Super Bowl commercial with a CGI version of his younger self.
  • The ad, for a cryptocurrency website, was quickly turned into one of the best memes of 2022.
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If the goal of cryptocurrency companies was to make viewers of Super Bowl LVI scratch their heads in confusion after watching their very expensive commercials on Sunday then mission accomplished.

In addition to Coinbase’s very The Office inspired ad with a QR code bouncing around a blank screen, there was a Crypto.com ad with LeBron James and … a another, younger LeBron James.

Somehow, in the ad, the LeBron James of today was able to travel back in time to the year 2003 and talk to a younger version of himself. How he did this goes unexplained.

There, his teenage self, is acting not even remotely surprised to be having a conversation not only with someone from 19 years in the future, but himself from 19 years in the future.

It’s quite a concept.

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During his conversation with current day LeBron Jamesin his bedroom of 2003, teenage phenom LeBron learns about things from the future like cordless headphones, watching movies through your phone and electric cars.

When 2003 LeBron asks 2022 LeBron James talk about the hype surrounding the teen and if he’s ready to play in the NBA, current LeBron tells him, “I can’t tell you everything, but if you want to make history you got to call your own shots.”

LeBron James’ Super Bowl commercial was turned into an A+ meme

NBA fans on social media, however, came up with a whole list of things current day LeBron James should have been telling 2003 LeBron James. You know, since he is from the future and all that. The list includes some advice about how he should deal with various players in the NBA once he gets there.

NBA fans also had some advice on how to NOT handle his first free agency decision.

He also told younger LeBron a few other things about his future and answered a few other questions.

Fans were just full of suggestions, some better than others.