Matt Damon Gets Roasted Over Cringeworthy Commercial

Matt Damon Gets Roasted For Cringeworthy Commercial

  • People dragged Matt Damon over a commercial he appeared in to promote
  • The ad essentially compared people who buy cryptocurrency to some of history’s biggest risk takers
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Its been over a decade since an anonymous innovator who dubbed himself “Satoshi Nakamoto” introduced the world to the concept of cryptocurrency with the creation of Bitcoin, which—depending on who you ask—was either a revolutionary development or one of the worst things to happen in recent memory.

There’s no arguing the blockchain technology that serves as the backbone of cryptocurrencies has plenty of promising uses. However, the rapidly growing space has been at the center of an endless amount of criticism and mockery thanks to tumultuous fluctuation stemming from speculative investing and evangelists who’ve attempted to convince the world pictures of cartoon monkeys that routinely sell for six-figure sums are the future.

Crypto has routinely popped up in the news thanks to horror stories concerning people who feel victim to ill-advised trades, unsecured wallets, and obvious pyramid schemes. Now, it’s once again making headlines for all of the wrong reasons with a little bit of help from Matt Damon

Last year, the actor inked a deal with that made him its most high-profile ambassador. One of his duties includes starring in the company’s ads, like one bizarre spot that mostly flew under the radar when it was released in October.

The ad is titled “Fortune Favors The Brave” and implies that anyone who adds cryptocurrency to their portfolio is just as courageous as astronauts, mountain climbers, and the Wright Brothers.

Over the weekend, it popped up on a lot of people’s radar for the first time when it aired during a number of football broadcasts and, well, I’m going to guess it didn’t get the reception was hoping for.

When you consider the ad is basically telling people they’re taking a huge risk by putting their money into crypto, it seems like a very bold strategy, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it pays off for all of those involved.

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