LeBron James Is Flattered By Reporter Who Called Him A ‘Clutch Player For His Entire Career’ During Question At Press Conference

LeBron James had another amazing playoff game that was capped off by an epic dagger three-pointer late in the fourth quarter.

After the game, an ESPN Brazil reporter referred to LeBron as “a clutch player for his entire career” while asking him a question on how he evolved throughout the years in clutch situations. LeBron really enjoyed this question much more than any question he’s ever been asked at a post-game press conference.

What’s your name? I appreciate you, saying I’ve been clutch my whole career, there’s not many like you I tell you. There’s not many like you, either you’re being very kind cause it’s national wine day or I love Brazil, I don’t know what it is.

LeBron is so used to negativity thrown his way by ESPN guys that he was truly shocked someone could say something nice about him.

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