LeBron James’ Hairline Looks Fantastic These Days


Remember when Internet meanies made LeBron James’ hairline an issue? They’d say things like “hey, homeboy is losing his hair” and comment on how large the best player in the NBA’s headband had grown.

It turns out all those people were making a mountain out of a molehill this whole time. As you can clearly see from this photo of James taken last night during a shoe event, his hairline isn’t receding at all. Clearly all these haters were seeing something that simply wasn’t there.


Unless … and I hesitate to even bring it up because the odds are so low … unless James went full Wayne Rooney on us.

The Sporting News has put together a photographic timeline of his hair, which you are free to peruse should such an issue be of importance to you, personally.

My take: James just proved his superior to Michael Jordan in yet another way: miraculously reversing the effects of male-pattern baldness.

His superhuman feats persist.


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