LeBron James Reportedly Reached Out And Texted Kevin Durant About Joining Lakers

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With Paul George opting out of his contract, Kawhi Leonard trade talks underway and LeBron James pending free agency the NBA rumor mill is in full swing. Today, ESPN’s Stephen A.Smith dropped a bomb on First Take when he said that LeBron had reached out to Kevin Durant about joining him with the Lakers next season.

I got two phone calls last after hours with folks telling me that he reached out to Kevin Durant. LeBron James reached out to Kevin Durant via text from what I’m told about coming to Los Angeles. I don’t know what Kevin Durant’s response to him was. I did hear behind the scenes Kevin Durant was like, why would I do that?

If Stephen A Smith’s report is true LeBron has to be pretty desperate about wanting to form a superteam in L.A., but as of now it’s not looking good for him considering Paul George may want to stay in OKC and the Spurs are making it tough for the Lakers to acquire Kawhi Leonard.

h/t The Big Lead