Fan Successfully Gets LeBron James’ ‘King Of LA’ Mural Vandalized After Offering $300 Bounty On Twitter

It doesn’t seem like everyone is happy about LeBron James arrival in Los Angeles. Just a few days ago, Instagram user Never1959 painted this pretty dope mural to welcome LeBron to the city of angels.

Unfortunately one LeBron hater on Twitter decided to put a bounty on the mural and offered $300 to anyone who defaced it.

A LeBron-hating Laker fanatic put out a contract to get this mural of #LeBronJames vandalized today in California. Dude need to get extra security around town. The hate is real. SWIPE to see the damage.

Just a few hours later, the LeBron mural was vandalized with “3-6” and “No King”.

After the defacing, Never1959 quickly went back to work and quickly fixed the mural.

Doesn’t look too “ruined” to me… but nice try. Considering how tall the scribbles were I almost feel like Kobe did it haha. Either way we got rid of the offending “of” #lebronjames #kingjames #lakers #mural

It just goes to show that despite being a great player LeBron is still one of the most hated pro athletes today.

Update The Twitter user who put a bounty on the mural deactivated his account on Twitter.

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