LeBron James Went Full LaVar Ball In Son’s AAU Game, Allegedly Questioned Age Of A Kid Who Was Roasting Bronny Jr.


While Kyrie and the enemy were ruthlessly mocking LeBron James at Harrison Barnes’ wedding, the four-time NBA MVP was in Las Vegas working out with Derrick Rose and Eric Bledsoe and trying his hand at coaching his 12-year-old son’s AAU game.

LeBron James Jr.’s North Coast Blue Chips squad was bested by the Oakland Soldiers 54-51 in a game that LeBron embraced the role of overbearing dad-coach. In the clip at the bottom of this post, you can see how much Bron was flexing his “I’m The Best Player In The World” muscle to steal a few questionable calls from the star-struck referees.

But a funnier storyline was the gripe LeBron had with a member of the opposing team. A kid on the other team was allegedly burning Bronny Jr.’s team so badly, they questioned his age. Check out the tweets below.

I never thought I’d say this but poor LeBron. The dude has his soldier go full Benedict Arnold on him and now he’s calling to see a young teenager’s birth certificate after an AAU loss.

LaVar Ball: take notes.

As far as LeBron’s 12-year-old son, watch out for this cat in 2025.

[h/t Total Pro Sports]