LeBron James Sent His Neighbors Cupcakes to Apologize Causing All That Commotion

by 4 years ago


The days surrounding LeBron James’ announcement he’d be returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers saw a storm of fans and media descend on his Akron home. He wasn’t there at the time, so the people truly affected by the influx of traffic were his neighbors.

James addressed this situation yesterday in the form of apology cupcakes.


That’s a solid move, a real human thing to do. But can we discuss the names of these sweet treats? I am not sure I’d want to put something in my mouth called Just a Kid from Akron. That seems to be catering to a very specific type of cannibal.

It’s also nice to see James employing the folksy greeting popularized by Jim Nantz. Calling everyone your friend is truly a tradition unlike any other.

[H/T: Cleveland Plain-Dealer]

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