LeBron James Appears To Take A Shot At Solomon Hill For Injuring Him Earlier In The Season

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LeBron James is apparently still unhappy with Atlanta Hawks forward Solomon Hill.

Back in March during the Lakers-Hawks game, LeBron suffered an ankle injury after Hill collided with the Lakers superstar’s legs while trying to grab a loose ball.

Since then LeBron has been in and out of the lineup due to the injury which has cost his team a ton of wins and eventually led to the Lakers being forced to play in a play-in game with the Warriors on Wednesday night.

After the Lakers’ final regular-season game on Sunday, LeBron let out some of his frustrations about the Hill incident. According to LeBron, he was having the best career of the season until he had a “grown man diving at my leg for a loose ball.”

Hill denied that he had purposefully tried to injure LeBron after the incident took place in March.