LeBron James’ ‘Stache Game Is The Strongest Its Ever Been And I Can’t Stop Laughing At It

Men all over the world have been growing out their facial hair for the past month to participate in #Movember, which helps raises money for prostate cancer with every little whisker, no matter how gritty, nasty, itchy or straight-up blotchy it looks.

One of those men is LeBron James, who, just yesterday, laughed at himself after the whole Mechanic LeBron meme hit the Internet which made fun of how he looked with lip fur.

Well, Bron Bron went to a whole new level with today’s mustache design, curling both ends and letting everyone know that he’s proud of the damn thing.

James is the single biggest athlete on the planet, so kudos to him for not taking that thin caterpillar above his upper lip too seriously.

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