LeBron James’ Young Lakers Teammates Reportedly Called Him Out For Having Poor Body Language On The Court During Season

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All is not well in Lakerland. All season long, LeBron James’ poor attitude towards his teammates had come into question by media and fans alike.

Apparently LeBron’s young Lakers teammates called him out over his poor body language during a team meeting before a game in Memphis in late February.


On an off day in Memphis following a 128-115 loss to an Anthony Davis-less Pelicans team on Feb. 23, the LeBron James-led Lakers had their own air-it-out session. Rondo organized the players-only meeting to find “a better understanding of one another,” a team source told ESPN.

The meeting in Memphis was a retort of sorts. In what became an open forum, several players spoke up. Players focused on James’ inconsistent body language throughout the year. The four-time MVP copped to the critique, telling his teammates that, in essence, cutting out behavior like slumped shoulders and sideways glances has been something he has tried to work on his entire career.

Apparently LeBron tried to make things right with his teammates but the damage was already done and the Lakers continued losing.

The next night, James seemed to take the criticism to heart, putting his arms around guys during huddles, looking engaged during timeouts, and being vocal on defense — but the Lakers still lost, 110-105, to a Grizzlies team that had lost 17 of their previous 20 games.

“Just because [the meeting] was positive doesn’t mean we’re going to win 25 games in a row,” a team source told ESPN.

After the Memphis game, the Lakers continued to crumble, going 2-10 over their next 12 games.

Of course that Memphis game was the game that where LeBron was mocked by the Internet for his terrible defense.

It’s going to be a long offseason for LeBron and the Lakers.