LeBron Tweets That He’s Going ‘Back Home’ To L.A. So Naturally The Internet Lost Its GD Mind

lebron james tweets coming home la reactions


With all the Kyrie Irving and LeBron James nonsense going on people have been speculating for weeks now that James will be playing for someone other than the Cleveland Cavaliers when his contract expires. Does Kyrie know something that we don’t? Is that why he wants out of Cleveland now?

Toss in a bunch of talk about LeBron thinking playing in Los Angeles (with a little recruiting help from the Big Ballers) and it’s no wonder Cavaliers fans are feeling deja vu all over again.

It’s also no wonder that when James uses language like saying he is “going home” to L.A. that the internet’s Spidey senses start a-tingling…

This all started off innocuously enough with LeBron just looking for some “run” this summer…

Then he dropped the four magic words that sent the internet into overdrive

Oh no he didn’t.

Pretty much.

H/T BlackSportsOnline