LeBron James Writes Letter to Thank His Dad for Not Being in His Life, May Hit You in the Feels

by 5 years ago

LeBron GQ

LeBron James didn’t grow up with a father. His mom, Gloria, played the role of both parents while working full-time, and he speaks often about the influence she’s had on his life. When his dad did try to meet him after he had found fame and money, he (admirably) told him to piss off. And he hasn’t spoken of him much since.

Last night, that changed. LeBron posted a picture to his Instagram thanking his father for essentially abandoning him when his mom was just 16. “Because of you Pops!” James wrote with the photo. “Thanks all along. Could have said why me with u not being there, but look what I made of myself.”

LeBron has turned his negative situation into an overwhelming positive—not only are there the basketball successes, LeBron is by all accounts a pretty great dad, unlike the deadbeat he grew up without.

Inspiring stuff here, both for LeBron and for any one else who grew up with an absentee father:

[H/T: USA Today FTW]