Lee Corso Thanks ESPN For Sticking With Him After Stroke While Choked Up During Emotional Tribute

Lee Corso 400th Headgear Pick College GameDay Tribute

Saturdays will not be the same without Lee Corso. The legendary coach and former Florida State quarterback has been a featured analyst on the College GameDay desk since the show’s inception in 1987. His catchphrase, “not so fast, my friend” has become part of the common lexicon of college football fans worldwide.

And then, in 1996, Corso changed GameDay forever by donning a Brutus Buckeye head prior to Ohio State’s home game against Penn State. The headgear pick was born!

Now, every week throughout the fall, Corso makes his pick to close out the show and lead into kickoff. It is one of the most famous traditions in television.

Corso reached a historic milestone while in Boulder, Colorado this weekend. The 88-year-old made his 400th headgear pick.

To celebrate the monumental moment, College GameDay aired a special feature in his honor.

When the broadcast came back from airing the video, Lee Corso was emotional. He tried, but failed to hold back tears as a rowdy crowd of Buffaloes chanted his name in full voice.

As Corso tried to put his feelings into words, he thanked ESPN for sticking with him after he suffered a stroke in 2009. The network had his back throughout his recovery and has made sure that he is not only a part of the broadcast when healthy, but set up to thrive.

400, wow. Where has time gone?

I first want to thank ESPN for sticking with me when I had my stroke. Second of all, it’s a pleasure [to work with Kirk Herbstreit]. A special shoutout to Kirk’s wife, Alison. Without her, I wouldn’t have had Brutus.

And finally, to all my colleagues on the set for putting up with me and my shtick all these years. And thank you to whoever put [that video] together… it means a lot.

— Lee Corso

Pat McAfee, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard and Chris Fowler shared their love for Corso and said that they look forward to 500. He admitted that he won’t reach that milestone.

God willing, Corso will make 500 headgear picks. But regardless of how many more picks he makes, his legacy will live forever!