‘LeFlop’ Trends On Social Media After Fans Accuse LeBron James Of Flopping During Playoff Game Vs Suns

  • LeBron James gets accused of flopping for second time in a week
  • LeFlop starts trending on Twitter because so many people are calling out LeBron
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People are accusing LeBron James of flopping again.

Earlier this week, LeBron was dubbed “actor of the year” by the Blazers CJ McCollum after the Lakers star stayed on the ground for a long while after getting fouled by Draymond Green during the Lakers play-in game vs the Warriors.

On Sunday, LeBron collided with Chris Paul and went flying to the ground which led fans to accuse him of flopping again.

Bron got called out so much that by fans “LeFlop” was one of the top trends on Twitter.

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