Lenny Dykstra Dressed Up As Santa Claus With Four Strippers In Tow

Lenny Dykstra Santa strippers

NY Daily News

Is there any better way for Lenny Dykstra to return to the news than by being dressed up as Santa Claus, arm in arm with four stripper elves from Vivid Cabaret? Just look at that sheepish grin. Lenny Claus is happy again, probably because he’s about to lose his belt at a rooftop bar with a bunch of strippers.

While the Daily News neglected to cite a specific reason as to why Lenny was dressed as Santa and walking around with ass-revealing elves, does he really need a reason? He’s Lenny fuckin’ Dykstra. Perhaps this is his idea of a regular night out during the holidays.

As one of the elves aptly put it, “what Santa says goes.” Exactly.

Ho Ho Ho!

[H/T NY Daily News]