Video Of LSU Star RB Leonard Fournette Slap Boxing A Teammate Has Me Like ‘WTF?’

LSU Tigers star running back Leonard Fournette is, arguably, the most exciting player in all college football, so it’s a little surprising that he would risk his reputation as he enters a big-time season for himself by putting himself into stupid situations.

Yet, here’s the Heisman Trophy hopeful slap boxing teammate Garrett Brumfield in a parking lot outside of the team’s stadium.

While, initially, it probably isn’t a big deal, that doesn’t mean it’s something that NFL execs aren’t scratching their heads over, wondering if the kid has that “sensational gene” that led to many giving him comparisons to Adrian Peterson.

Here’s what LSU spokesperson Michael Bonnette said about the incident, per TMZ Sports:

A game where they basically have to touch the other person twice,” Bonnette said when asked what Fournette and Brumfield were doing. “What you don’t see is when the video cuts off, they hug it out. They’re not mad at each other. No one was injured.”

That sounds like a classic PR statement to me, just trying to cover up the playful fight the best they can. If this were someone like Johnny Manziel back in the day or Dez Bryant now, we’d hear talking heads at ESPN debate this for days.

Anyway, hope Fournette and Brugfield had fun—I just wouldn’t do it again.

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