Steelers Fans Blast Le’Veon Bell For Sending Out Vague Tweet After Tie Game Between Browns And Steelers

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Steelers star running back Le’veon Bell continued his hold out today after he declined to show up for the team’s first game.

Last week, Bell’s agent Adisa Bakari went on Sirius XM NFL Radio to explain why Bell has decided to hold out.


He’s going to do the things necessary to protect his value long-term,”

“Le’Veon has several years left in football; we know his days in Pittsburgh are precarious at best; we also know how he’s been utilized in the past by the Steelers organization,”
“That’s nothing to say negative about the Steelers. They had one of the best players to play the position and they used him heavily for the production he can provide, but in doing so, you take away from his future years.”

Today, James Conner replaced Bell with pretty good results but the team allowed the Browns to come back late in the fourth quarter which led to a tie game between the two squads.

After the game Bell took to Twitter and sent out a vague monocle tweet.

Steelers fans were obviously not pleased that Bell decided to tweet after the game.

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