Racing Fans React To Lewis Hamilton Legally Changing His Name To Honor His Mother

Racing Fans React To Lewis Hamilton Changing His Name To Honor His Mother

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  • Seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton announced he is changing his name.
  • Hamilton revealed his reasoning for the change at the 2022 Dubai Expo ahead of the F1 grand prix.
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Lewis Hamilton has done numerous things in Formula One that have never been done before. First off, he was the the first black driver ever in Formula One. Then he was the youngest driver to ever win the F1 championship. He then went on to set records for the most wins, most pole positions, most podium finishes, most laps led, and most career points in Formula One.

On Monday, he also did something no one else in Formula One has done. He announced that after all of those accomplishments he is changing his name.

Very soon you will see him referred to, legally, as Lewis Larbalestier-Hamilton.

Why is he adding Larbalestier to his name? For his mom.

“It would mean the world to my family [to win another championship],” Hamilton explained at the 2022 Dubai Expo ahead of this year’s first F1 grand prix.

“It would mean the world to me knowing that, for example, I am really proud of my family’s name, Hamilton. I’m actually… none of you might know that my mum’s name is Larbalestier, and I am just about to put that in my name.”

Lewis Hamilton is changing his name in tribute to him mom

“Because I want… I don’t really fully understand the whole idea that when people get married the woman loses her name,” he continued. “And my mum, I really want her name to continue on with the Hamilton name, so…”

He added, “I don’t know if it’ll be this weekend but we’ve been working on it.”

Reactions in the racing world to Lewis Hamilton’s name change reveal in support of his mom were very overwhelmingly positive.

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