Seven-Time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton Makes Shocking Move To Become NFL Owner

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Lewis Hamilton is many things. He’s a seven-time Formula 1 World Drivers Champion. He’s officially a knight according to British rule. He is a Time Magazine cover boy. And he’s a cultural icon.

Now, Hamilton can add one more thing to that list. As of Tuesday morning, Hamilton is official an NFL team owner.

The Walton-Penner family purchased the Denver Broncos for an eye-watering amount of money. Now it appears they’re divvying up shares of the team. Starbucks chairwoman Mellody Hobson was an initial investor. Condoleeza Rice was named a minority owner in early July, and now Hamilton has joined the fray.

Rob Walton released the following statement on the Hamilton news:

“We’re delighted to welcome Seven-Time Formula One World Champion Sir Lewis Hamilton to our ownership group. He is a champion competitor who knows what it takes to lead a winning team and fierce advocate for global equality, including in his own sport. With over 100 race wins, Lewis is considered the most success F1 driver of all time. His resilient spirit and standard of excellence will be an asset to the ownership group and the Broncos organization.”

While Hamilton did not release a statement, he did take to Twitter to amplify the announcement.

The ownership model is not anything particularly new. But Broncos fans didn’t all love the idea of adding Hamilton to the fold.

Though most fans seemed excited to add the racing legend to the fold.

As unlikely owners of NFL teams go, this one may just take the cake.