Bro Who Holds The Beer Mile World Record Is Living The Dream After His Filthy Rich Sponsorship Deals

If you haven’t heard of Lewis Kent before—which is blasphemy, because Cass talked about him last year—you might want to make this 22-year-old your new idol, because he’s clearly doing something right with his life.

Set to graduate from college next month, Kent isn’t wasting time on Google trying to find a 9-5 job, he’s busy getting wasted, running really, really fast and getting fat checks from sponsors for doing it.

According to TMZ Sports, who spoke with Lewis Kent’s agent, the Beer Mile world record holder just inked his second sponsorship deal that’s believed to be at or above $100,000! That’s a hell of a lot of cash for being good at chugging beer and sprinting as fast as you can.

Per TMZ Sports:

Last year, he became the 1st ever chug-and-runner to land a sponsor — striking a deal with Brooks running … and now, he’s racked up deal #2.

We spoke with Kent’s agent, Kristopher Mychasiw, who tells us … Kent just inked a 2-year contract to be the face of the National Beer Mile Circuit. While he wouldn’t disclose exact numbers, we’re told the deal is north of $100k.

Mychasiw says the contract numbers are similar to the Brooks deal.

As someone who runs just about every single day as a way to try and keep my 31-year-old ass in shape, I guess I need to reconsider my goals and get in on this whole Beer Mile shit, because I’d like to think I could be good at pounding beers before pounding the pavement.

[H/T TMZ Sports]

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