Team USA’s Lilly King Gives Zero F**ks, Ethers Russian Swimmer For Doping, Becomes Internet Hero

During Sunday night’s 100m breaststroke semi-finals Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova won her heat then flashed the number one sign with her hand. American swimmer Lilly King was watching this behind-the-scenes when NBC caught her reaction on camera and it was goddamn beautiful.

King pulled out the Dikembe finger-wag to say, nope, you can’t bring that ish in here, girl.

The reason for her dismay with Efimova is the fact that the Russian had previously been banned from competition for doping and was almost kept out of the Rio Games after another failed drug test that was overturned just prior to the Olympics.

When Michele Tafoya caught up with King after she too finished first in her semi-final King didn’t hold back on why she went full Dikembe, saying, “You know, you’re shaking your finger number one and you’ve been caught for drug cheating. Just not a fan.”


Needless to say that was all it took for Lilly King to become an internet hero all over America.

Looks like the Cold War just got heated up for a little bit. Guess we know what event America will be tuning in to watch tonight, huh?

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