Lincoln Riley Gets Mocked For Crying About Baylor Violating ‘Code Of Sportsmanship’ By Kicking Field Goal With One Second Left

Lincoln Riley

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Lincoln Riley isn’t taking Oklahoma’s loss to Baylor very well.

On Saturday afternoon, Riley lost his mind on the sidelines after Baylor kicked a field goal while up seven with one second left on the clock which led to fans prematurely rushing the field before the game was over.

While speaking the media after the game, Riley said he was angry with the refs for not calling a penalty on Baylor after fans rushed the field. Riley went on to say that he didn’t agree with Baylor coach Dave Aranda for violating the “code of sportsmanship” by kicking a field goal with one second left in the game.

College football fans immediately mocked Riley for his “code of sportsmanship” remark.