Lions C.J. Gardner-Johnson Tells Fans To Wear Blue Ski Masks For Games

Tua Tagovailoa

Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

After an exhilarating Week 1 victory against the Kansas City Chiefs, Lions Safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson has taken to the media to rally Detroit’s passionate fan base.

Gardner-Johnson, known for his fiery on-field presence, is urging Lions fans to make a bold statement by wearing blue ski masks to games this season.

In a media session, Gardner-Johnson praised the Lions faithful, calling them “probably the most ruthless fans in the game.” He emphasized the pivotal role fans play in boosting the team’s morale and creating a hostile environment for opponents.

“From talking crap, they feed off of us. They yelled the loudest (last week), and that was a home game for KC,” Gardner-Johnson said. “You’re gonna see on Sunday. Blue ski masks everywhere.”

The safety’s call for fans to don blue ski masks is tied to Coach Brad’s mantra of embracing the role of villains in the NFL. Gardner-Johnson firmly believes that this new culture is the key to success for the team.

“What Coach Brad says, we villains, right? It’s part of us, it’s just the culture, I’m changing it,” Gardner-Johnson declared. “No paper bags. Ski masks, we’re taking what’s ours.”

Gardner-Johnson is hopeful that fans will heed his call and take part in the initiative.

He even suggested an unconventional twist for the pre-game introductions, saying, “I hope they introduce the defense, ski masks on.”

As the Detroit Lions aim to establish a formidable presence in the NFL, it seems that C.J. Gardner-Johnson is not only inspiring his teammates on the field but also rallying the fan base to create a unique and intimidating atmosphere at games this season.