Lions CJ Gardner-Johnson Goes Viral After NSFW Celebration

Lions Defense

Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

In a fiery post-game celebration, Detroit Lions’ newcomer safety CJ Gardner-Johnson went viral on social media following his team’s dramatic 21-20 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

After the NFL’s 2023 season opener between the Lions and Chiefs, Detroit Safety Gardner-Johnson sent out a colorful, expletive-laden Instagram Live video.

The version of the video I posted amassed over a million views in under 12 hours, and has football fans buzzing about the Lions’ prospects this season.

In the emotionally charged video, Gardner-Johnson passionately declared, “This is not a mother—— fire drill! This is the real thing. This s— is the real thing.”

His excitement was palpable as he continued to emphasize, “It’s not the same Detroit.”

Lions head coach Dan Campbell was equally fired up after the game, as evidenced by a behind-the-scenes locker room video shared by the Lions’ official account.

The Lions are looking to build on their strong finish from last season, where they achieved a commendable 9-8 winning record.

With this electrifying victory, the team is poised to make a playoff push in the 2023 season.