Lions Season Opener Vs. Chiefs May Signal The NFL Sees Detroit As A Contender

Lions helmet

Getty Image / Stacy Revere

The NFL schedules are slowly trickling in as some of the primetime games for the 2023 season are being revealed.

It will all kick off with a Thursday night matchup between the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs.

However, Detroit is a franchise that rarely receives primetime games. With that in mind, it seems people are convinced the league views the Lions as a true contender by giving them the season opener matchup with the Chiefs.

Typically the league gives the most exciting or competitive teams the most primetime games. For that reason, fans think the Lions might actually be a threat in the 2023 season.

The history of these two teams are completely opposite of each other. Kansas City has won two Super Bowls recently. Meanwhile, Detroit has a long history of failure.

Even so, both of these teams have very high powered offenses. So, at the very least, this Lions-Chiefs season opener should be an exciting matchup.

With that said, Detroit might just be one of the best teams in the league in 2023.

It might be too early in the season for this kind of take. But fans are buying into it.

Some sports analysts have jokes about it though.

Ending last season with a primetime game and playing a primetime matchup for the 2023 season opener is only good news for the Lions.

Clearly, Detroit is catching the eye of the matchmakers. Rumors are they’ll have multiple primetime games in the upcoming season. If that’s the case, then the Lions may just be contenders.

We won’t know for sure though until the season plays out.