Lisa Ann Explains Why She Thought It Necessary To Publicly Shame Michael Del Zotto

by 5 years ago

Adult film actress and sports enthusiast Lisa Ann took to Twitter this past weekend to set fire to Michael Del Zotto, a Philadelphia Flyers defenseman. To hear her tell it, Del Zotto flew too close to the Porn Sun by overtexting and asking to be set up with other skilled public fornicators after a “date.”

She explained her decision to tweet incessantly about the affront while appearing on the FNTSY Sports Network yesterday. Honestly, it’s about what you’d expect.

The only salacious angle here is the allegation Del Zotto has employed similar behavior with “hundreds of girls.” Hundreds.

So there you have it. Don’t get too needy with a porn star, as they are the moral arbiters of the world and will teach you a very public lesson about proper relationship decorum.



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