Christian McCaffrey’s Mom Lisa And GF Olivia Culpo Had A Wild Time Watching Niners Win

Christian McCaffrey's Mom Lisa And GF Olivia Culpo Had A Wild Time Watching Niners Win

Getty Image / Slaven Vlasic

San Francisco 49ers’ newest running back Christian McCaffrey tallied 39 yards receiving and 38 yards on the ground. He scored 1 of San Francisco’s 2 touchdowns in the game and his mother Lisa McCaffrey had the best touchdown reaction of the week. This was all after Christian’s girlfriend, former Miss USA and Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, accidentally got hit by his helmet.

The McCaffrey crew didn’t have a ‘wild’ time’ like we tend to think about, say, Patrick Mahomes’ family who has sprayed champagne on strangers. But Olivia Culpo and Lisa McCaffrey had a very busy day at Levi’s Stadium.

First, let’s check out Lisa McCaffrey’s viral touchdown celebration. This happened in the 4th Quarter with 7:54 left on the clock. Christian McCaffrey punched it in from 2 yards before kicker Robbie Gould failed to convert the PAT (womp womp).

The camera then found Lisa McCaffrey in a VIP suite FIRED UP and mouthing the words ‘f–k yeah’ as she was throwing high fives left and right:

The excitement is palpable. That clip of Lisa has been shared by many viral accounts on Twitter and has already been viewed several million times overnight.

If you looked at that clip and thought to yourself ‘Lisa McCaffrey is looking stylish tonight’ it’s because she got ready with Olivia Culpo, Christian McCaffrey’s girlfriend. Olivia Culpo previously dated Nick Jonas for several years, was linked to Tim Tebow, Danny Amendola, and since 2019 she has been with Christian McCaffrey.

She is a former Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA, and Miss Universe pageant winner and has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in the past. In case you’ve forgotten what Olivia Culpo looks like, here is a reminder:

She is a sideline fixture at Christian McCaffrey’s games which makes this Sunday’s incident puzzling:

On her Instagram stories, she spoke to the camera and revealed that she hugged Christian and thought she’d broken her chin when it connected with his helmet. She said “I just gave Christian a hug. He was wearing his helmet and I think he just broke my jaw when he came forward and gave me a hug. And I have a whole new respect for the game now.”

Here is a reminder of what that chin looks like, prior to this faux ‘incident’.

And here she is at the game with Lisa McCaffrey and their crew:

While Olivia Culpo was looking at the camera talking about a ‘broken chin’ there sure didn’t look like any lasting damage. She looks perfect there.