A Little Girl Trolled The Shit Out Of Tampa Bay Lightning Coach Jon Cooper

It’s not easy being a professional sports coach. Sure, you make a ton of money, but you take all sorts of crap when you lose, you’re under constant threat of getting fired, and fans pretty much treat you like shit. You’re pretty much a giant target at all times, and there’s not much you can do about it.

A perfect example of that was tonight, when Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper was taunted nonstop by a little girl when he traveled to St. Louis as his team took on the Blues. She’s being a good fan and creating an intimidating atmosphere, but how do you think it feels to be Mr. Cooper? Not very good, judging by the snarl he gives her in return. If I’m judging this fight, she’s definitely the winner though.

Here’s a Vine, via @GoldAndOrSmith

h/t Josh Gold-Smith