Your New Favorite Little Leaguer Takes ‘Big Daddy Hacks’ And Blasts MONSTER Home Runs

Richie Gilboy Big Daddy Hacks


Meet Richie (But back home they call him “Ricardo”) Gilboy, your new favorite Little League baseball player. Ricardo hails from South Portland, Maine, but he looked right at home on ESPN as his squad took on the Essex Junction, Vermont team. During the TV introductions for the nationally televised game, Ricardo wanted the world to know that he takes “big daddy hacks.”

The pitcher for Essex Junction should have watched Gilboy’s introduction and learned that Ricardo takes big daddy hacks. Ricardo was not playing when he said he takes big daddy hacks because he smashed this home run into center field and into the trees.

This Little Leaguer has big daddy hacks indeed.

Thanks to Ricardo and his big daddy hacks, South Portland beat Essex Junction by the score of 8-5 and advances to play New Hampshire.