As PGA Tour Players Find Out About Merger Online, LIV Golfers Take Victory Lap By Making Same Lame Joke

Phil Mickelson on the course at the LIV Golf Invitational.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. This is the case in the world of golf as we’ll soon have all of the sport’s superstars back on the same circuit.

This, of course, coming after the PGA Tour announced a merger with rival LIV Golf on Tuesday. The news caused an eruption of reaction from players, fans, and media as everyone was absolutely floored by the agreement.

Much of that comes due to a two-year war waged by the PGA Tour and its criticisms of LIV’s Saudi backing. That relationship apparently didn’t hold the weight that Tour commissioner Jay Monahan would’ve had you believe just months ago.

In the end, the partnership came down to money, which is what everyone in the golf world knew to be the case. After publicly bashing LIV leadership, threatening defecting players, and even becoming enthralled in a lawsuit against league members, Monahan changed his tune.

He’s being rightfully condemned by a number of different groups due to his hypocrisy.

But while the announcement comes as huge news, it appears that most PGA Tour players were out of the loop on the deal. Many posted responses of surprise to learning of the LIV merger in real time, just like the rest of the Twitterverse.

The Tour preaches about its status as a player-run circuit, but the commissioner opted to leave golfers out of maybe the biggest decision in the league’s recent history.

Of course, that wasn’t the only thing being preached by Monahan over the last two years. Loyalty was a word often used on the PGA Tour as a way of dissuading players from taking the bag. Many turned down offers of tens, and in some cases hundreds of millions of dollars to remain on Tour, only to get stabbed in the back by their leader shortly thereafter.

You can see why many are unhappy with the LIV merger.

But while PGA Tour players deal with the hand they’ve been dealt, many in LIV Golf are taking their victory laps.

LIV Golfers make same lame joke after learning of the merger.

This is undoubtedly a win for LIV Golf, who pulled off the Michael Scott Paper Co. business plan to perfection. After being berated for months on end about their decisions to defect, they wind up right back in the same spot, only with a much larger wallet.

After taking those verbal beatings over the last year, plus, many are enjoying their moment in the sun.

Phil Mickelson, Talor Gooch, and Lee Westwood were just three LIV golfers who posted the exact same joke online following news of the deal. The posts come as another twist of the knife to those critics.

Mickelson appears to be so working so hard to prep for the US Open, he “missed” the news completely.


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Gooch and Westwood, meanwhile, are out enjoying vacation.

You know how spotty cell phone service can be when on a long trip.

LIV golfers certainly seem to be happy with the merger news, and for good reason. It will be interesting to see where things go from here.