LIV Golf Presser Ends In Chaos As Journalist Reportedly Escorted Out Tweets Cryptic Message

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  • LIV Golf comes with quite a bit of debate over its human rights issues.
  • On Tuesday, the league held its first media session.
  • It ended in chaos.
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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour over the past six months. All of the insanity, contention and altercation can be found HERE.

Things were turned up another notch on Tuesday morning.

The LIV Golf Tour held its first press conference ahead of the inaugural event in London and it reportedly got crazy in a hurry. A reporter was escorted out, participating golfers were held somewhat accountable but dodged definitive answers, and robots were delivering drinks.

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer helped to moderate the discussion.

That is particularly interesting, considering his previous comments on Saudi Arabia. Fleischer addressed them on Tuesday, putting his comments in the past.

Once things got underway, many of the top players all confirmed that they had resigned from the PGA Tour to participate with LIV Golf.

Some of the players addressed their standing for the Ryder Cup. As things currently stand, players must be on the PGA Tour to participate. Their participation in the LIV Golf Tour would render them ineligible.

It was not only logistical questions.

LIV Golf participants were also asked about the human rights record in Saudi Arabia and ‘sportswashing.’

Sportswashing is defined, loosely, as “the practice of an individual, group, corporation, or government using sport to improve their tarnished reputation, through hosting a sporting event, the purchase or sponsorship of sporting teams, or by participation in the sport itself.”

And then things got chaotic. AP reporter Rob Harris tried to ask further questions, but he was denied the opportunity.

Harris was reportedly not allowed to stay.

Harris was allowed back into the media area after a short time.

However, it appeared to come with a caveat. Harris posted a cryptic tweet about what is and is not allowed from the media covering LIV Golf upon his re-entry.

Despite all of the chaos that unfolded at the first LIV Golf media session of the year, it is also worth noting the drink-serving robots.

Clearly, LIV Golf is off to a unique and polarizing start. It will be interesting to see how this narrative continues to unfold.