LIV CEO Greg Norman Teases Creation Of Another Rival League

Greg Norman waves to the crowd at a LIV Golf event.

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LIV Golf could be looking at a way to expand further. CEO Greg Norman is tinkering with the idea of creating another rival on the pro golf circuit.

LIV is talking about creating a women’s league, with Norman saying that he’s been in contact with current LPGA players. After nabbing many of the PGA’s top stars last year, a female tour could be his next target.

Norman and his new league caught a ton of flak from the golf world due to being backed financially by Saudi Arabian wealth. Tensions only grew after “The Shark” began plucking star players from the PGA Tour.

Some of those stars included Cam Smith, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, and Brooks Koepka. While many of those golfers cited the flexibility and ingenuity of the new league as their reason for leaving, the hefty contract agreements had as much influence as anything.

LIV’s ability to secure star power is paying off in Year 2. Not only are league events becoming more popular to golf fans, but the tour picked up a huge win by having three players finish in the top five at the Masters earlier this month.

Despite not having a major TV deal, or the support of golf’s premiere league, Greg Norman and Co. have been relatively successful in rivaling the PGA. That’s led LIV to set its sights on the LPGA.

Norman spoke on the idea of creating a women’s series this weekend at a tournament in Australia.

“That is a discussion we have internally on a regular basis. I have personally had discussions with individual LPGA Tour players, Ladies European Tour,” Norman said at The Grange Golf Club in Adelaide. “They love what our product is showcasing. They ask all the time, ‘How can we get involved?’ We’d love to see a LIV ladies series.”

Norman says that the creation of a league wouldn’t truly be discussed until after LIV’s second season concludes, and that there’s no timeline on its introduction.

Still, fans online were quick to comment on the news as they posted responses to LIV’s interest in LPGA players.

Some say that it’s just a matter of time given how much more LIV could theoretically offer to golfers.

Others, though, will believe it when they see it.

We’ll see if this ever comes to fruition. It will be an interesting story to follow over the course of the next year.