Liver King Admits To Steroid Use And Lying After Leaked Email Scandal

Liver King watching UFC event

Liver King is finally coming clean about his steroid use.

Earlier this week, Youtuber Derek of More Plates More Dates exposed the Liver King by releasing a series of leaked emails that showed the Liver King reaching out to a bodybuilding coach to help him out with his HGH/steroid cycle.

The Liver King had previously denied using steroids while promoting his holistic lifestyle and selling “ancestral supplements.”

On Thursday night, Liver King admitted to using steroids and apologized for misleading the public.

“Yes, I’ve done steroids, and yes, I’m on steroids monitored and managed by trained hormone clinicians.”

Liver King explained that he started the ancestral lifestyle to save people from killing themselves but admitted regret for lying about his steroid use.

“Liver King the public figure was an experiment to spread the message, to bring awareness, to the 4,000 people a day who kill themselves, that 80,000 people a day who try to kill themselves, our people are hurting at record rates, with depression, autoimmune, anxiety, infertility, low ambition in life, our young men are hurting the most, feeling lost weak and submissive, so I made it my job to model, teach and preach a simple elegant solution called ancestral living.

“While spreading the message, I’ve been on several podcasts and when asked if I’ve ever taken steroids, I’ve always said no, I don’t touch the stuff, not gonna touch the stuff…that was a lie. I’ve convinced myself that this had nothing to do with the ancestral message, I convinced myself that I’m not a competitive athlete of any kind so who the f— am I cheating? I convinced myself this topic was a placeholder for a far more important conversation.”

Here’s the full video of Liver King’s admission and apology.

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