Guy Quits His $100k/Year Job To Beg Logan Paul For A Spot On His Team, Gets Rejected, And Cries In The Car

Logan Paul

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A 22-year-old TikToker named Austin Wallace decided to risk it all to work for Logan Paul and it didn’t go well.

Over the weekend, at the Jake Paul-Tyron Woodley press conference, Wallace confronted Logan and told him he had quit his $100k a year job to ask if he had any positions open on his team.

Logan was flabbergasted and politely turned down Wallace.

“I can’t be a mentor right now.

“I’m a f***-up myself. I need a mentor, you know what I’m saying?

“I didn’t have connections or people around me, I had Jake. Do you have a brother? Do you have friends?

“You’re a good-looking guy. You have friends, bro. You’re f***ing lying.

“Go make content, make stuff with your friends. I’m glad you quit your job, it takes balls to do that, but now you gotta activate.

“I’m not the guy directly. My team is {very small] – we’re locked.”

“Life isn’t about handouts, you’ve gotta work.

Logan went on to give Wallace some advice about breaking out in the business.

“If you really are serious about it, you should move to LA and just like you approached me, start making connections with every single person in LA.

“I’m serious, that’s it. I’ve always said, if you can talk to someone, you can make it in LA.”

After getting rejected by Logan, Wallace went to his car and cried his eyes out.

People on social media were in appalled that Wallace would quit his lucrative job to shoot his shot at Logan Paul.

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