Logan Routt Is A 6-Foot-11 High School Quarterback, Runs Like A Giraffe In The Open Field

At 6-foot-11, Logan Routt is a high school quarterback from Cameron, West Virginia. I would suggest defenders go low when trying to tackle him. Weighing in at 220 pounds, he may need to hit the training table if he has aspirations of playing at a higher level.

In an odd twist, Routt’s favorite wide receiver is all of 5-foot-5. And it sounds like he’s on a team full of Lilliputians.

Routt, who entered high school at about 6-5 and has grown 2 inches each year, had a hard time finding a jersey that was long enough to fit him this season. He fails to fit under the team’s inflatable tunnel, and opposing fans want to pose for photos with him.

There’s no place that Routt stands out more than on the football field, in cleats and pads. He is a full foot taller than the team’s tallest offensive lineman.

So, yeah, he’s the big fella in the video if you weren’t sure.

[H/T: Bleacher Report]