Lolo Jones Gets Confused With Hope Solo Until People Find Out Her Olympic Medal Count

Lolo Jones did an interview with ThePostGame before some kinda charity soccer event and confessed that she gets confused with U.S. Women’s National Team soccer goalie Hope Solo all the time.

Jones teetered between self-deprecating and #humblebragging throughout the short Q&A. After revealing her doppelgänger mix-ups, Lolo joked that people realize she’s not Hope when they find out about her Olympic medal count, which is zero.

Lolo’s also not competing in these Summer Games, but doesn’t seem to mind as she’s still recovering from hip surgery. She was quick to remind us that she’s also a Winter Olympian competing in the bobsled.

Here are a few more side-by-side photos of Lolo next to Hope for your judging pleasures…

If I’m drunk in the club at closing time, sure. Yes, they’re twinsies.

There’s also the minor difference of Lolo being a virgin and Hope poppin’ off graphic crotch shots while f*ck-fighting her NFL boyfriend. So, I guess if you’re having trouble telling them apart, break out the flirty-abusive rough sex talk while taping up your wrists and if she cries or dry-heaves, that’s Lolo.

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