Los Angeles Lakers Player Reportedly Returned The Clothes He Was Photographed In Before Game 2

Los Angeles Lakers forward Jarred Vanderbilt

Getty Image / Justin Ford

In recent years, it has become customary for NBA players to show up to their games in some memorable outfits.

Some are remembered for better reasons than others.

Following Thursday’s Game 2 between the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors, one player’s pregame outfit will be remembered for what he did with it after the game.

According to one social media user, Lakers forward Jarred Vanderbilt returned the clothes that he wore before Game 2 to the store that he bought them from after the day after the game.

I can absolutely appreciate the hustle here. It was 2 grand worth of clothes that he was probably never going to wear again.

I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who have purchased an item for one specific event just to return it later.

The one issue with this strategy for Jarred Vanderbilt is that it was going to be very hard for the move to go unnoticed when he wore the clothes in the tunnel before Game 2 of a playoff series between 2 of the NBA’s highest-profile teams.

Still, it’s probably better for Vanderbilt and the Lakers to get rid of anything he can that had to do with the Game 2 of this series.

The Lakers got crushed in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, getting outscored 84-47 to put the game completely out of reach before the start of the 4th.

Vanderbilt struggled shooting the ball in the game, making just 2 of 7 shot attempts in 20 minutes on the court.

Both Vanderbilt and the Los Angeles Lakers will find themselves hoping whatever they show up wearing for Game 3 will give them a bit more luck than they had on Thursday night.