Los Angeles Billboard Welcoming The Rams Takes A Crap All Over The City Of St. Louis With Ruthless Jab

As you can see, there have been some ugly divorces in sports before, but the one between the now Los Angeles Rams and the city of St. Louis just got a little bit more dirty after a new billboard in L.A. took a shit all over the team’s former home.

Don’t blame the Rams, though.

The billboard, which was an advertisement from L.A.-based apparel company Popular Demand, is proudly displayed without any apologies to those former Rams fans who are sulking that the team’s in SoCal these days. And in true L.A. form, the sign makes no apologies for smearing their faces in that fact.

The Rams have been in the news lately for a variety of reasons—like the allegations of the team drafting Michael Sam as part of a bribe from the league—as well as the report that, due to a leasing clause, the team’s former practice facility in St. Louis would have to be retained and paid for.

Whatever happens, L.A. has an NFL team now—and they’re going to let everyone know about it.

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