Louisville Cardinals Remove Themselves From Postseason Amidst Insane Recruiting Scandal

The boys over at TFM just dropped some seriously sobering news: the Louisville Cardinals basketball team will be missing March Madness this year following an ongoing investigation, which involves some seriously sketch, Blue Mountain State kind of ridiculousness, in terms of recruiting tactics. In case you had your head under a rock, back in October 2015 we reported that Louisville Cards former staffer and player Andrew McGee was under inspection for allegedly hiring escorts to take care of recruits, repeatedly. The allegations came from newfound author Katina Powell’s corner. Powell argued in her ‘literary’ work that more than one (many more times possibly) hired her and her daughters to provide strippers and hookers to recruits visiting on campus.

What’s next? Will we be reading about star linebacker Thad Castle V.2 getting arrested after being discovered wiped out under a mountain of cocaine with a stolen playbook from next game’s opposing team tucked between his buttcheeks? Anyways, at this point Head Coach Pitino stands by his denial that he had any knowledge about what was going on, and Andre McGee was voted off the Cardinal’s Coaching Island in 2014. We’ll be curious to see how the rest of this investigation pans out, but one things for sure, and that’s that the gym need be locked up for a bit.

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