Louisville’s Disaster Season Ended With A Rogue Dog On the Court

Louisville basketball coach Kenny Payne

Getty Image / Andy Lyons

The first season for Louisville head coach Kenny Payne has been terrible. The Cardinals were just 4-25 entering their home finale Tuesday night, set for the worst season in program history since the early 1940s.

It started out poorly, as the team lost to crosstown rival and newly-division-one Bellarmine early on, and it has not gotten better. Their only wins are against Chaminade, Western Kentucky, and Florida A&M.

Louisville took on Virginia Tech for their senior night Tuesday night, and predictably for a bad team, they went down 35-27 at half.

And, just like college basketball games around the country, they often hire entertainers to provide halftime entertainment. This time, it was a very talented frisbee dog.

But then, the absolute unthinkable happened.

Oh no. That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen on a basketball court in my life. Like, if it happened to a team that was 26-4, I would just think it’s a poorly-behaved dog. But to happen to a team that’s now 4-26 after Virginia Tech beat them? Priceless.

Twitter was ablaze.

And, given the fact that Jim Boeheim is running Syracuse into the ground, this person wants to know if the dog can come to Syracuse and do what he did at Louisville.

Also, there’s a 99% chance this dog gets invited to perform at Rupp Arena, home of the Kentucky Wildcats.

Tech beat Louisville, 71-54.