Louisville Fans Are Convinced That Kentucky Sabotaged Their Athletic Department And Ruined Their Program

Louisville Cardinals Fan Sabotage Kentucky Game Day

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  • College football fans are some of the craziest people in the world and Louisville fans are at the top of the list.
  • After a horrible opening home game, UL’s fanbase is claiming sabotage from the Kentucky grads in its athletic department.
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Louisville football’s first home game of 2021 was an absolute dumpster fire. Not only could the Cardinals and their “high-powered offense” only muster 30 points against Eastern Kentucky, but the experience for fans was even worse.

As a result, Louisville fans are blaming the school’s Director of Fan Experience — a Kentucky graduate — for sabotaging the day.

Saturday’s scenes were truly terrible.

For starters, seats in the stadium were moldy. Like, literally, the seats had mold on them. Gross.

In addition, the concession stands were running low on, well, everything and lines for those concession stands were lengthy. It got so bad that the school’s Athletic Director was forced to apologize.

It seems like Vince Tyra is always apologizing or clarifying or making excuses for something. Then again, it is the dustheap that is Louisville, so I guess it makes sense.

But I digress.

Following the horrible experience, Cardinals fans got to sleuthing. They quickly discovered that the athletic department’s Assistant Director of Fan Experience is a big anti-Louisville guy.

Noah Peterson, who “hates Louisville more than any other team” is probably not the type of person you would want in charge of anything at Louisville.

He openly despises the school.

Quickly after the discovery, Peterson went into damage control mode and cowardly deleted his Twitter account. At that point, it was too late.

Shortly thereafter, the school released a statement defending Peterson.

But once again, the ship had already sailed. Louisville fans already took the information and ran with it.

They are now claiming that former Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin used his power to take apart Louisville’s school board.

UL has a few Kentucky graduates on its staff, including its AD and lead play-by-play radio announcer, among others. The school’s fans are claiming that the Governor took down the board and that the new board intentionally hired Kentucky graduates to intentionally ruin the school.


College football and its fan conspiracies are the best, and Louisville continues to be a gold mine.

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