LPGA Golfer Loses Major Championship Because Of Some Bored Ass Fan Who Hates Fun

A scandal of pretty sizable proportions is unfolding on the LPGA tour right now. Golfer Lexi Thompson had a 2-stroke lead going into the final round of the first LPGA Major Championship of the year, the Ana Inspiration, but she ended up losing after a very bizarre twist of events.

Let me be clear, Lexi Thompson lost the first LPGA Major Championship of the season because she broke rules. If she didn’t fuck up then she wouldn’t have been penalized four strokes and ultimately lost the Championship in a playoff. BUT, if it wasn’t for a bored ass fan who hates fun, Lexi Thompson would’ve still gone on to win the first LPGA Major Championship of the season. It wasn’t a rules official that ignited the chain of events which ultimately cost her the major, it was a fan and an email.

As Thompson was putting on the 12th hole during the final round, the Golf Channel commentators began talking about a rules infraction that had recently been brought to their attention — but it happened in the third round.
On the 17th hole on Saturday, video shows Thompson marking her ball before attempting a short putt. In the replay, Thompson’s coin was not visible when she marked her ball, but it was afterward when she placed the ball back on the green, meaning she had replaced the ball in the wrong place.
Officials retroactively assessed Thompson with a two-stroke penalty for playing from the wrong place, plus an additional two strokes for signing an incorrect scorecard after the third round. via Golf.com

According to ESPN, Lexi Thompson was clueless as to why a rules official was approaching her on the 13th hole of the final round. She was even more incredulous when she found out that she was being assessed a 4-stroke penalty after a TV viewer witnessed a rule infraction in the 3rd round and emailed LPGA officials. Her response? ‘This is ridiculous’.

Miraculously, Lexi Thompson managed to rally from the mid-round adversity. She managed to knock in 3 birdies to push the major to a playoff but ultimately fell to So Yeon Ryu on the playoff hole, thus ending the most eventful day she’s ever had on the golf course. She took home the 2nd place price of $250,000 but missed out on the championship purse of $405,000. So that’s one fucking costly mistake on her part in the 3rd round, and a VERY expensive email sent in by some random fan.

I’m not sure who to be angrier at here, Lexi Thompson for being a dumbass or the annoying fan who cost her $150,000 because of an email. Thoughts?


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