LSU Made The Most Brain-Dead Play Of The Year Against Georgia

LSU Made The Most Braindead Play Of The Year Against Georgia

Getty Image / Kevin C. Cox

LSU has had a nice season under first-year head coach Brian Kelly. After a terrible loss to Florida State week one, they got much better. They lost to Tennessee but beat Alabama to give them the leg up in the SEC West. They took a bad loss against a bad Texas A&M team last week, but the Tigers still advanced to play Georgia in the SEC title game.

And, early on in the SEC title game, they made a terrible mistake that people will laugh about forever.

LSU players forgot a blocked kick is a live ball and gave up a touchdown

Late in the first quarter, the Tigers lined up for a field goal in a 0-0 game. What happened next shocked everyone.

Wow. What a mistake. Clearly, thatโ€™s a live ball. Credit to Georgia for selling it so well, though. But still, I canโ€™t believe I saw a mistake like this out of a Brian Kelly-coached team.

It was a precursor to a bad half for LSU, as they trailed 35-10 after the 2nd quarter. A win would send them to the Sugar Bowl.