LSU Fans Are Consuming Insane Amounts Of Alcohol At The College World Series

An image of Jello-shots on a bar.


LSU fans are consuming insane amounts of alcohol at the College World Series. Tigers supporters are nearly halfway to a CWS record just three days into the event.

The Jello shot challenge is an annual competition held at Rocco’s Pizza and Cantina just across the street from Charles Schwab Stadium in Omaha. Last season, we saw Ole Miss set a new mark with more than 18,700 shots purchased in the week-long event.

This, coming a year after Mississippi State set a CWS record with 3,000 shots.

But a new SEC contender is in town this June, and they’ll have a serious chance to surpass what many believed to be an unattainable number.

LSU has been one of the top baseball teams in the nation this year, winning 49 games to this point. That’s gotten them a seat at the table as the final eight schools battle for a national title.

And while the Tigers continue to perform on the field, their fans are showing off their abilities away from it.

Over the first weekend in Omaha, LSU fans have downed more than 9,000 Jello-shots.

That’s on pace to take down Ole Miss’s mark of 18,777.

Fans have been quick to react.

One person wrote, “Honestly the fact that LSU hit 9,000 in a day and a half is astounding to me…”

Someone else said, “We all knew this wouldn’t be a fair fight.”

This fan is already declaring the LSU the winner, saying, “So um… I think it’s already over.”

The Tigers were believed to be the favorite upon entering the College World Series. We’ll see if they can take down the Rebels and set a new Jello shot challenge mark.