LSU Baseball Fans Have Set An Alcohol Consumption Record At The College Baseball World Series

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Getty Image / John Korduner

There are two important competitions going on this week in Omaha, Nebraska. The first is, of course, the College Baseball World Series, held in Omaha since 1950. The second is the jello shot competition at Rocco’s Pizzeria and Cantina just a few blocks from TD Ameritrade Field.

Each year, the fans of the eight teams that qualify for the College Baseball World Series compete at Rocco’s to see who can consume the most jello shots during the CBWS. The all-time record was set last year by Ole Miss, unsurprisingly, at 18,777 jello shots. But, the LSU fan base has completely smashed that record.

That’s an incredible number, considering that Ole Miss set that record last year when they won the whole tournament. The final three-game series doesn’t even start until Saturday, so they’ve smashed through the record with time to spare.

How are they consuming so many jello shots? College football fans know that LSU is famous for their incredible tailgate parties and great party scene down on the bayou. And, it helps when Raising Canes founder Todd Graves is buying shots in bulk.

6,000 jello shots! I can’t even fathom what that looks like. It’s not all fun and games for the Tigers, though, who lost last night to Wake Forest, 3-2. They’re now one loss away from elimination. But, something tells me they’re not going to stop consuming jello shots.

Garrett Carr
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